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Vizio E320-A0 HDTV Reviews
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Vizio E320-A0 Reviews

E320-A0 HDTVWe use Vizio E320-A0 very seldom in bedroom of second home. Thus, the fact you have to view the screen almost head on doesn't matter to us. This would NOT be suitable in a room where people would be viewing more than a few feet from dead center. The picture almost disappears!
I do not know if this is a "feature" of all LED screens. Vizio E320-A0 seems to me that older LCD screens hide a little bit wider viewing angle.
Of course a small screen like this is not meant to be your main screen. Nothing beats the quality of a plasma. With plasma, you can have a whole room full of people viewing - including those sitting off to the side. We paid $250 at Tarjay. Amazon did not have this low end model themselves.

Vizio E320-A0 Specs

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