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Vizio SV422XVT HDTV Reviews

Vizio SV422XVT HDTV ReviewsJust purchased on presale. Best TV I have ever owned. Set up was easy, Apps are great with more to come. Direct access to netflix was a bonus and a great selling point. Picture is fantastic and sound is great. A really great set with an unbelievable great price for all the features included.


SV422XVT HDTVPurchased this from Amazon on a preorder before SV422XVT was released. SV422XVT was definitely worth the wait! I set the TV up myself with the on screen step by step guide, even the wifi was very easy to setup, especially with the keypad on the remote! Great picture, even on an angle. Quite a few great apps with more to come. Very cool TV.


Vizio SV422XVT HDTVBought this on Amazon for $900 a few months ago (thanks tax return!) with free shipping, awesome! Vizio SV422XVT was delivered by a specialty delivery service 1 week later (3 weeks earlier than i was told in my confirmation, sweet). Before i begin my praise, I just want to mention that this is my first big flat screen TV, aside from my 24" Samsung T240HD LCD HDTV/monitor that has extraordinary picture quality and really lives up to the 'HDTV' description. But I'm also a tech junkie and aside from knowing a lot about consumer electronics to begin with, i did a good deal of research into LCD TV's prior to purchasing this tv.

When I was researching HDTV's I was drawn to Vizio b/c I had read on TechCrunch that several big name manufacturers were releasing their new 'high-end' tvs soon and they had wifi built in and would incorporate apps directly into the TV. When looking at the prices of those tvs, i was disappointed b/c they were way out of my budget so when i came across the Vizio SV422XVT, i got a little dizzy with excitement. At $950, Vizio SV422XVT was the perfect tv for me since it had Wifi - N, a bluetooth keyboard remote, Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand apps and, of course, Vizio's reputation for high quality. I bought it the same day (after clearing it with the wife) for $950. The shipping was free but i quickly realized it was b/c i wasn't set to receive it for 4 weeks. Long time to wait but for the price and features, i was prepared. Like a little kid, i excitedly looked at the product page on Amazon everyday while awaiting the delivery date. And at least this one time acting like a kid saved me $50 when around 3 days after i placed my order, Amazon dropped the price to $900. I was pissed at first but quickly researched the return/cancellation policy and since my order hadn't moved past the initial order placement stage, i was able to cancel the first order and purchase it at the lower price which included the same free shipping and same 4 week wait. However, as i said before, it actually got delivered about a week later.

Once i set it up and plugged my cable box, PS3, junker surround system and PC into the HDMI ports and set up the wifi, i actually started watching TV. I was impressed with the HD channels and March Madness was really great to watch on this baby. I think the colors are accurate and very vivid so i'm thinking that a couple of the other reviews i read on here probably did have defective units. The internet apps are great, i use Amazon Video On Demand the most and netflix about a little. THe video and sound quality are great but my only complaint is that the internet can be... finicky... as in, Amazon shows/movies can buffer several times, netflix not as much but i don't use it as much but Pandora plays just fine. This could be my router's fault and most probably is but i still believe the wifi connectoin in the TV isn't 100% stable. Since 802.11 N is still in draft format, that could be why also...not sure.

On to the other features. MY PS3 had to step its game up when i first played Modern Warfare 2 on this TV but once it woke from its non-HDTV slumber, the quality was excellent and i would say playing on this TV has definitely improved my gaming skills. Blu-rays are really amazing too though i think some older blu-ray movies aren't formatted to play on this high of quality tv b/c the camera shots seem really strange some times. I attribute it to the refresh rate, 240hz. The refresh rate is really important and i can say with confidence that there were no other brands with 240HZ refresh rates at this price. Most are 120 but some are even 60 which just doesn't do HD justice IMO. Anyways, using my pc with this thing was really cool too. it is a giant monitor and having 42" of gmail is pretty cool. i only use that pc for casual searching, some Google Reader and occasionally watching movies i purchased (mistakenly) through iTunes last year. The video quality of the PC isn't quite as good as the PS3 but the PC is also older so I don't think its the Vizio's fault.

I'd also like to review the Bluetooth quality of the TV. First, the remote is amazing since it is both universal for other devices (uses IR) and Bluetooth for the TV itself. This means for things like using the internet apps and adjusting the volume (tv volume only on my setup)are controlled thru a Bluetooth connection which doesn't require you point it directly at the device. I have a cable box hooked up to it and the remote does work for that box but since it uses IR, i have to point it at the box still to change the channel. Oh well. The QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard is great for searching on amazon and even typing in username/password on any/all of the apps. It does not, however, connect to my PS3 as a Bluetooth keyboard :(. I knew that was just wishful thinking anyways. My last comment about the Bluetooth is the quality of the receiver inside the TV. I use Bluetooth headphones for my computer and phone and i recently realized i could use them with the TV as well. Once paired, i found i could use both headphones and tv speakers together or just the headphones. Also, the range on the Bluetooth is really good. i've been outside of the house (about 35 feet away thru 100+ year old brick walls) with no crackling or skipping of the audio at all. I'm guessing its an EDR Class 1 device (audio up to 300ft) but i haven't been able to locate the specs of the Bluetooth inside the TV yet. Please leave a comment if you know the specifics of the bluetooth chip inside the tv.

In summary, i don't recommend this TV to my friends b/c i really enjoy having the most high tech/best quality TV among them. BUT since you're an anonymous reader, i highly recommend you buy this TV. Literally the only thing it can't do is 3D, yet(firmware update maybe?). Other than that, this TV is the most features packed, highest quality TV you will find at this price for at least a year.

SV422XVT Reviews

This TV is simply the best buy PERIOD!! I have seen SEVERAL TV's that are priced much higher, but do not compare to this TV. SV422XVT is amazing! The picture is STUNNING, fast, clear. Even Standard Def channels look more like HD than HD channels did on our 3 year old Pioneer HD TV. Sound is crisp and sharp, power use is LOW. We live offgrid in an unorganized township and use Solar power, this TV fits the bill. Just simply stunning! You cannot go wrong with this TV!

Only downside was amazon. I preordered SV422XVT for them, the order never shipped on time. 2 days later I cancelled my order and bought it for the same price from Dell.

Vizio SV422XVT LCD HDTV: 42-Inch , 240Hz Reviews

I purchased the SV422XVT to replace the year old 37" VIZIO in our bedroom mainly for Vizio SV422XVT's Internet app's and the desire connecting to Netflix without needing the instant streaming disk/PS3 as before. And couldn't be happier my did! But in lieu of otherwise repeating all those so many positives already made by everyone, let me say just this ... If you can "FIND Vizio SV422XVT"..."BUY IT"! Trust me, you won't be sorry! I purchased our tv from on March 23 and had it 3 days later, delivered right to our bedroom and removed from the box using their standard shipping upgrade ($35).

Vizio SV422XVT Reviews

I bought this TV on Sunday 5/16/10 @ Sam's Club for $830 to replace a Magnavox 42" Plasma that died on me the same day after only 4 years of heavy use. So, my first experience with an HDTV did not go too well. Yes, I used my TV for everything from Blu-ray movies to HD Gaming but that is still too short of a life span. In contrast, I can't kill my old 32" CRT. Why did I choose a Vizio? Well I must give credit to my wife as she wanted to get a Vizio as our next HDTV after seeing how much better the picture was next to the more expensive Sony's back around Christmas. I took her word for SV422XVT and she was right, the picture is great and the sound is better than expected but I had pretty low expectations coming from my Plasma which had horrible, tinny-sounding speakers. To first test out the new TV, I used only Component cables since that was all I had on hand for HD but that is what I had used before so SV422XVT was good to see a Component comparison between the sets to start with rather than going right into the premium connection type. I have since bought (4) HDMI cables, 1 for each HDMI Input. Right away there was a noticeable picture improvement, much more detail is viewable using the HDMI cables, at least to me.

There are a ton of picture adjustments you can make but the factory settings are correct for the most part. I actually tried to calibrate my system but in the end it looked too washed out and I reset to the factory picture settings. For now I am just using the preset Picture Modes as they look the best to my eye. I may revist this in the future but I think they did a good job with their picture settings they included. The setup was easy and I was able to program my DirecTV HD DVR (4th choice), connect to my Wireless-N router and register the TV without any problems. The internet apps are great and this is highly recommended for all NetFlix customers. The TV also has the best audio I have ever heard from TV speakers. I use my Surround Sound system normally but now I don't have to for everything. I appreciate all the connections and was a little worried about it only (1) Component connection but with (4) HDMI connections, I currently do not even have anything connected to it. Everything is labeled clearly and the remote is by far the best I have seen packaged with a TV. Black levels looked good right out of the box. Sets with only 120 Hz selling for much more.


Picture: 240 Hz SPS, 50,000:1 DCR, Preset Picture Modes look good
Sound: SRS TruSurround HD(tm) & SRS TruVolume(tm), best stock sound
VIA(tm): VIZIO Internet Apps(tm), connect to the internet without a computer!
Remote: Universal w/ slide-out keyboard, best stock remote I have ever seen
Connections: (4) HDMI plus all previous technology connections
Green: Energy Star 3.0
Weight: Lightweight, easy to move w/ 1 person, much lighter than my Plasma
Setup: Basic setup to view a picture and connect to internet very easy
Casing/Trim: Very attractive black display. Silver
Customer service: From what I have read they are very helpful


USB: Service only, Future Use
Cables: Need to buy your own, check Monoprice & Amazon, don't pay more than $10 ea for HDMI cables, I bought (4) Mediabridge Ultra Series - 6ft High Speed HDMI Cable - Category 2 Certified - Supports 3D - 1440p - 1080p - Blu-Ray - PS3 - XBox 360


Input: When turning the TV on or switching Inputs, mostly with my HD DVR I get a gray screen have to change the channel for it to clear. Not sure who's fault this is, TV or HD DVR since switching to 1080p but it is annoying.

Component Setup Notes:

Step 1: First off, turn off all systems before plugging in any cables, incl. the TV itself, trust me.
Step 2: Connect all cables from all systems to the TV. Make sure to connect that extra Composite cable to the PS3, if you have one. Also connect any additional audio cables such as optical from your sources to your TV or your Surround Sound receiver. Note: For the Xbox 360, you will need to use a special adapter which contains an optical output plus RCA red/white outputs. The other end is the big connector which connects directly to the Xbox 360.
Step 3: Turn on the TV and the systems and go through each Input, 1 by 1, to set everything up, my systems are listed below, maybe this will help you:

3a. DirecTV HD DVR [HR21-200]- (HDMI) Go into setup & select the HDTV tab, then pick TV Resolutions, click on 1080p. You may experience some trouble at first, I displayed a pink screen but the confirmation text was still displayed. To fix this go under HDTV>Video, set Native to Off which helps to eliminate the issue with a Pink screen being displayed. You may also need to switch inputs to clear the pink screen, just select another device using the Input button and then go back to the D*TV HD DVR Input, this should clear it.

3b. PS3 - (HDMI) This was the trickiest system to hookup, because it is not simply plug & play. Find your PS3 Composite (not Component) connector that came with your PS3, good luck finding it!, the HDMI input connection will not display on its own. Connect this cable to the AV connections, really just the Video is needed. Select the AV Input on the TV and it should detect that an HDMI connection exists, if you have an HDMI cable connected. Click on the HDMI choice to set the HDMI input. Now turn off the PS3 and then back on. Switch the TV Input to the corresponding HDMI connection to the PS3 and it should display in 1080p. On the PS3, select Settings>Display Settings>Video Output Settings>HDMI>Change>Check all resolutions supported by your TV (Standard (NTSC), 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, next set the TV type: 16:9. Save settings (press X). Next go to Settings>Display Settings>RGB Full Range (HDMI)>Full. Next go to Settings>Display Settings>Y Pb / Cb Pr / Cr Super-White (HDMI)>On. If settings this to on, you will also need to go to Settings>Video Settings>BD / DVD Video Output Format (HDMI)>Automatic. Onto the sound, go to: Settings>Sound Settings>Audio Multi-Output>On, if using multiple audio connections like Optical & HDMI. This will enable you to use your TV and/or your Surround Sound. Next go to Settings>Sound Settings>Select all the audio output formats that your equipment can support. That should cover the basic PS3 HD setup.

3c. Xbox 360 - Xbox Dashboard>System>Console Settings>Display>Display Settings>HDTV Settings>1080p, keep settings, if screen can be seen. Now go to Xbox Dashboard>System>Console Settings>Display>Display Settings>Reference Levels>Expanded. Now onto the sound - Xbox Dashboard>System>Console Settings>Audio>Audio Settings>Dolby Digital 5.1. That's it, much simpler than the PS3.

3d. Upconverting DVD player - I have it connected but I haven't used it yet so no notes here. It should be plug and play but there might be some setup in the menus for the new HDMI connection established.

3e. JVC Surround Sound (Optical) - I actually don't use the Optical connection on the TV, I just use the Optical connections on each system directly to the receiver: HD DVR, PS3, 360. If there are no HDMI connections on your receiver, there is no need to have any video cables connected.

3f. Wireless-N router - Connect wirelessly or wired, your choice. Since both the TV and the router are stationary devices and I had a spare Cat-6 cable and port available, I chose to use the Ethernet port on the back of the TV.

TV setup notes:

Firmware - If you are connected to the internet, see Wireless-N setup above, the first time you power the TV off, it should perform a Firmware update and the VIZIO logo on the front of the TV will be flashing. DO NOT touch the TV, wait for it to power itself off before using it. You can verify that it was updated in the Information section below

Audio - You need to turn off the SRS Trusurround HD to get the equalizer to show. It is under Audio in the User Manual.

Inputs - I recommend renaming all the inputs so you can visually discern each one esp. with 4 HDMI Inputs, it gets confusing. Also, setup the remote for all the devices that you can. For now I only have the D*TV HD DVR programmed. I couldn't get the PS3 to work on the remote.

Information - Click the VIA button on remote, Select Help, Select System Information. Here you can check your Firmware version, IP Address, MAC Address, etc.


Recommendation: Buy now! Perfect for Sports, Video Gaming, scripted TV, Movies and Internet-viewing. Price can't be beat for all of the features offered. Buy @ Sam's Club, BJ's, Amazon & more, priced @ $[...].

Vizio SV422XVT HDTV Reviews

So happy I purchased this new Vizio with Internet Apps. Vizio SV422XVT was delivered with White Glove service at no extra cost and the delivery guys were extremely helpful in making sure everything was up and running before they left with all the packing materials and even carried my old heavy TV (140 lbs) down four flights of stairs. Easy set up and fast connection to Internet. I was watching a Netflix movie within 30 minutes of having the TV in my home! Excellent picture with extra crisp blacks and whites. Sound through the TV is terrific but I also have Vizio SV422XVT set up with my home theater for Netflix movies and Pandora Internet music. Fun to use Facebook through the TV using the remote's keyboard. My only criticism is that the remote can be hard to read in a dark room since it is black and the keys are small-- so I wish it were illuminated. For the price this is one incredible TV that has the latest of technology: wifi, Internet, great apps such as Netflix, Pandora, facebook, the weather, etc.


This is a great tv! The picture is awesome, there are multiple size settings at the touch of a button, and internet apps too! Right now I mostly just use the Netflix on the internet stuff, but wow! Just put stuff in your play now queue online, and its right there to choose from on your tv. My only problem is that the usb port on the side wouldn't work. I don't really need SV422XVT anyway. SV422XVT was ready to go right out of the box, too.


I bought this tv a couple of weeks ago on QVC for $849 and paid an additional $65 for shipping. QVC was a great option as Vizio SV422XVT allowed me to pay for the set over 5 months with no interest. Vizio SV422XVT was so popular that it sold out during its first airing and hasn't been featured again. I've also noticed that most stores do not have this tv in stock. **Beware of other Vizios with similar model numbers. Vizio has another version (older model) of this tv without the built in wifi and apps that sells for $50 to $100 less. Its still a great tv but for such a small difference in price you should get the better tv.***

This tv is impressive. For one, it has a great picture out of the box. Second, the apps are amazing. Pandora, Facebook, Flickr, Weather, Netflix, etc. They are great. I knew I'd use Netflix and Pandora but I'm loving all of them. I doubt I'll update my FB status while in front of the tv but its nice to view photos on the big screen from a friend's profile. Amazon Video on Demand and Vudu work great and came with free rentals.

The set up was easy. The stand came attached to the tv so it was just a matter of pulling it out the box and plugging it in. The tv walks you through the necessary connections, remote set up, and connecting to the wireless network. The built in wifi is a must have feature for anyone looking for a tv with internet access as most people don't have a cable modem in the same room as their tv.

The remote works very well with my comcast cable box. With other tvs I've had to use both remotes because there were issues controlling volume or power but not with this remote. It fully operates the cable box. Its also a bluetooth remote so it will control the tv when you aren't pointing it at the tv. The slider function is nice too. When using the apps, you can type with the slider keyboard instead of picking letter by letter with an on screen keyboard. This is a great feature and saves a lot of time. Its a bit wider than your average slider phone so it takes some getting used to but its better than a wireless keyboard.

Also, the tv has 4 HDMI inputs so you can have dedicated inputs for your dvd player, gaming system, laptop, etc. There are also 3 USB inputs but they aren't yet functional. I've been told that Vizio will eventually release a firmware update so that these can be used.

I wish this tv were offered in LED like the 47" and 55" versions but that's just because I want the lastest and greatest. There is nothing wrong with this tv.

One downside that I've identified is that the volume adjuster for loud commercials doesn't really get the job done. I find myself reaching for the remote and muting commercials because they are still too loud. Another oddity is that the tv has a strong plastic smell out of the box. The smell is overpowering and is so strong I question whether its safe and not toxic. I've actually got a service appointment with Vizio next week about this. The tv works fine and the smell has lessened some but its still there. I initially thought it was the packaging but its clear that its part of the tv as it gets worse when the tv has been on for long periods of time.

Overall, I highly recommend this tv. I'm even considering one of the larger versions for my living room and moving this one to my bedroom.

Vizio SV422XVT Specs

  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 S-Video, 1 PC, 1 RF, 1 Ethernet, 1 optical digital audio output
  • Includes removable stand; measures 39.41 x 27.12 x 9.5 inches with stand; Bluetooth remote with slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Connect to the Internet via Wireless-N Wi-Fi or Ethernet to stream video, audio and news content from VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA)
  • 42-inch LCD HDTV with full 1080p HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 50,000 contrast ratio; two 15-watt speakers give you the power to fill your room with sound via SRS Audio surround sound technologies

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